Article Forge Review – Is Article Forge Right For Your Business?

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Article Forge is a fully automated article writer that does a great job of writing unique content for websites. It can write articles in minutes, and the quality of the content is good enough to be ranked by Google. However, the content it generates will need review and heavy editing before it is ready to publish. Article Forge is a great choice for a large business or a website that needs frequent fresh content on a recurring basis.

It’s easy to get started with Article Forge, and the dashboard is clear and straightforward to navigate. Once you’ve entered a keyword and clicked “create,” the software will start working. Article Forge can create short articles or long-form articles, and it will use your keywords as the primary topic to create unique content for your site.

The software works by reading millions of articles on a given topic and then learning everything it can about that topic. It will then write a unique article based on the information it has learned. You can also tweak the content it has written to match your style and tone of voice, which can be a helpful tool for writers who suffer from writer’s block. It will not replace a writer though, and it will still require heavy editing and fact-checking before you are able to use it on a live website.

One of the biggest downsides to using Article Forge is that it can be repetitive. Sometimes, it will begin a paragraph with the same words over and over again, which can make an article feel monotonous and less informative. In addition, the software can struggle with slang and jargon, and this can result in an unnatural sounding article. These issues can be resolved by adding more keyword phrases and adjusting the content settings.

Article Forge has a five-day free trial and has two pricing tiers: $27 per month if paid annually and $57 per month if paid monthly. These are fairly standard rates for AI tools, and the price is considerably cheaper than hiring a freelancer to do the same work. The price is worth the value of getting high-quality, unique content on a regular basis that can rank in search engines.

Besides writing unique content, Article Forge also allows users to rewrite existing articles and schedule posts directly into their WordPress blogs. It can also create content in different languages, which is a bonus for businesses that operate on multiple markets or have international audiences.

In general, Article Forge can save hours of time that would have been spent creating content for a website or blog. This can be a huge advantage for many business owners, and it can even help small businesses compete with larger companies that have an in-house writing team or marketing budgets.