Article Forge Review – Is Article Forge a Key SEO Tool?

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Article Forge is a software tool that allows you to create articles quickly. Its free trial allows you to write up to ten articles. But you should always double-check your work to make sure you aren’t misrepresenting anything. Once you have written ten articles, you’re eligible for a full refund.

The software uses a deep learning algorithm to generate content from keyword phrases. It can also check the content for plagiarism and uniqueness. Using the software can save a lot of time. It also has a video tutorial for you to learn how to use sub-keywords. While using Article Forge, you should pay attention to the content and the formatting of your articles.

Article Forge can generate unique articles for your site by using a combination of keywords. You can choose between Tier 1 and Tier 2 content. These options can be used on hundreds of websites. You can also select advanced options, such as whether you want your articles to have more or less paragraphs. Besides articles, it also supports headings, titles, images, and video. Moreover, it supports links.

While article creation is an automated process, you can also use the API to connect your website to various tools. For example, you can connect to the Article Forge writing AI to generate articles. There is no customer support service, but you can use the website’s FAQ page if you’re unsure about something. It also has an affiliate program that pays a 25% commission on every subscription you create.

While article creation software isn’t perfect, it can produce content for your website. You can use it to schedule posts on your website and use the content as an SEO strategy. Moreover, it has an excellent API that integrates with major SEO tools. For example, you can use Article Forge to produce content for WordPress sites. In addition, it can produce content in seven languages. It has AI algorithms to improve the quality of its output.

Article Forge has a post scheduler that allows you to schedule the posting of completed articles. The software also lets you import articles from WordPress and publish them directly to your website. This means you don’t have to manually export the content and post it. You can also schedule future postings to your WordPress site using the Article Forge web app.

Article Forge offers a free trial and a money back guarantee if you aren’t happy. If you decide to use Article Forge to create articles, you can choose between monthly and yearly plans. The monthly and annual subscriptions are both inexpensive, with the annual plan being the least expensive option.

Another important advantage of Article Forge is its speed. By automating the writing process, you can save time and money. It can also help you overcome writer’s block. You will still have to edit and fact-check your content, but Article Forge can make the process much faster and easier.