Article Forge Review – How Article Forge Can Help You Increase Your Search Engine Rankings

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Article Forge is a content creation software that uses artificial intelligence to produce articles and blog posts for your website. It can save you time and effort by automating the process of creating unique and informative content. It can also help you increase your search engine rankings, which will in turn lead to more traffic and monetization opportunities for your website.

The software works by taking a keyword phrase and using its built-in artificial intelligence to generate an article based on that topic. The articles produced are high-quality, readable, and unique. They also include LSI keywords to make them more relevant to the topic and improve search engine optimization.

Depending on your needs, Article Forge can create an article of up to 1500 words. You can customize the article length and add your own subheadings, as well as select a style of writing for the generated content. Article Forge also offers a feature that allows you to insert your own images and videos into the generated article.

Another feature of Article Forge is the ability to use your own keywords and phrases. This will allow you to create more personalized and customized articles that are a better fit for your website. This is a great tool for writers and bloggers who want to personalize their content as much as possible.

One thing to keep in mind with Article Forge is that it does not always produce quality content. There are times when the software produces nonsensical sentences or does not cite correct facts. For this reason, it is important to fact check your articles before publishing them. If you find yourself running into this problem often, you may want to consider using a different article generator like Long Shot AI, which is a fact-checking AI that can help you create more accurate content.

You can use Article Forge in conjunction with other software to automate the process of creating content for your site. For example, you can integrate it with SEO Autopilot to discover Web 2.0 platforms that you can link back to your website. This will allow you to build links more quickly and increase your search engine rankings. It also works with WordAi, which is a content paraphrasing tool that can help you create more variations of your articles.

The software is available to purchase for a one-time fee or on a monthly subscription basis. The subscription plans vary in terms of the number of articles that can be generated per month. The premium plan offers 250,000 words per month and the unlimited plan provides an unlimited number of articles. Article Forge also has a free trial option that allows you to try the software before buying it.

The company behind Article Forge claims that their software can write articles that read like they were written by a human. I tested this claim by running the articles through Grammarly’s plagiarism checker. It returned a score of 4%, which is not bad for an automated content generator. This is still higher than the 2% that the company claims, but it is a good sign that the software can produce quality content that would pass a plagiarism checker.