Article Forge Review – Is Article Forge Right For Your Blog?

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Article Forge is a text generator that uses artificial intelligence to produce SEO optimized content for your website. It can produce articles up to 1,500 words in less than 60 seconds. The article forges are available in multiple languages and the software can spin up content to include images and videos.

Unlike many other article creation tools, Article Forge is not only simple to use, it also has numerous features to help you achieve a quality piece of content. It provides documentation, an extensive knowledge base, and training videos. Moreover, you can choose from three different pricing plans that range from free to yearly subscriptions.

Article Forge can save you time and money. While it can produce high-quality content in less than a minute, you may still need to make some edits to the generated text. You can do this manually or you can have it done for you.

Article Forge can generate content based on several factors, including the length of the article and its word count. It can handle long-form articles as well as short-form ones. Moreover, the system can create LSI keywords to ensure the content is relevant to your target audience. In fact, it uses a deep learning algorithm to generate content that is more on-topic than if you were to write the same article manually.

Although Article Forge can do the same job as a human writer, its output does not always match the quality of a professional writer. You might have to edit the software’s generated text to improve its readability.

The software also has a plagiarism checker to ensure the generated content is plagiarism free. Additionally, the software allows users to insert external links, media, and titles. Another notable feature is the fact that it can be used to generate scheduled posts for your WordPress blog.

The software offers a 5-day free trial period. After which you can choose to continue using the service or cancel. There is also a 30-day money back guarantee. Besides the free trial, Article Forge offers an unlimited output package, which can be used to produce over 250,000 words a month.

If you want to use Article Forge for your blog, you will have to make sure you have the right platform. The software works on the WordPress platform, but you can use it on other platforms. Luckily, Article Forge is fairly active on social media. Furthermore, the company has a YouTube channel and a blog, so you can keep up to date on the latest information and tutorials.

Aside from the article forges, you can also get help from a real person. You can reach the company’s support team via email, a direct message, or through a contact form. However, they don’t have a help desk phone number to call. Fortunately, there are several tutorial videos and forums that show you exactly how to use the software.

Article Forge is one of the fastest and best tools for producing content on the web. Nonetheless, it’s not without its shortcomings. As with any other software, you should research the best option for your needs before committing to an expensive service.